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About me

Bild Hanno Hensing

As an internet business and management professional with more than 15 years of profound experience I am able to bring excellent results to your organization fast.

My broad range of expertise touches almost all aspects of the internet / e-commerce value chain. Starting from the product management / business development of (new) internet products and services over defining well thought out functional specifications, conceptioning IT (business) architectures to the management of highly complex IT projects.

I have always been working at the interface between business and IT. This in combination with my profound technical und functional skills gives me the possibility to bring those worlds together und find an effective and efficient fit between requirements and realization.

My clients see me as a manager who is „getting things done“. My fast comprehension and hands on mentality are helping me to start delivering output on an early stage. As a people manager I focus on helping employees developing themselves and bringing people, tasks and responsibilities to a perfect fit.


Interim Management

Make organizations work
Clear goals, consequent delegation, enabling people and teams to achieve operative excellence

Program Management

Professional agile orchestration
Requirement engineering, stakeholdermanagement, definition of functional specifications, agile project management methods, realization, testing and operations


Developing new business opportunities
15 years of e-commerce experience and insights in almost all aspects of the e-commerce value chain


Individual, motivating, guiding
Developing individual skills and personality to enable new possibilities and strengths for the employee


Finding high potentials
Identifying (young) employees with high potential, motivate them with challenging responsibilities to optimize organizational output and continuity


Developing sustainable and flexible IT
Mapping functional requirements to the related business processes and step by step translation of these into a modular service orientated IT landscape


Billing Website Performance Interim Management Stakeholder Management Change Management Responsive Design PHP Coaching Agile Development Big Data Business Engineering Lead Generation Requirement Engineering E-Commerce Business Process (Re)engineering System Architektur ERP User-Profiling SaaS MySQL Cloud Adserving CRM E-Commerce Program Management Product Management Scrum Line Management HTML Dialog Marketing Business Intelligence Mapping-Matching Targeting Interim Management Price Comparisation Kanban Business Development User-Management Portal Development


Das neue Führen

Die moderne Führungskraft ist als Enabler, als Förderer, als Forderer und als Coach gefragt. In allen Bereichen stellt er dabei seine Mitarbeiter ins Zentrum seiner Überlegungen, nimmt sich selber zurück und versteht sich als Dienstleister für seine Mitarbeiter. So unterstützt er seine Mitarbeiter und damit sein Unternehmen, eine optimale Leistung zu erbringen.

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Business Engineering

Trotz scrum, kanban oder anderen agilen Entwicklungsprozessen bleibt der Konflikt oftmals der gleiche - die Herausforderung, ein gemeinsames Verständnis zwischen Fachbereich und Entwicklungsabteilung herzustellen, ist sehr groß. Die Denkweise und die Charaktere der jeweiligen Abteilungen sind unterschiedlich und die Sprache ist selten die gleiche. Das Business Engineering versteht sich im ersten Schritt als ein Übersetzer zwischen Welten.

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